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Find and protect personal information

Overcome data privacy challenges using machine learning and natural language processing to identify patterns and context that traditional approaches miss.

Protect your most sensitive data

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Save time and reduce risk

Using a combination of machine learning and natural language processing, PI Detect considers context and document structure to eliminate false positives and provide better results.

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Comply with regulations

Meet a variety of privacy obligations with pre-trained, AI-based PI detectors, built with regulations in mind.

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Better detect personal information

Power PI-detection with AI to find personal information hidden in your data, all from RelativityOne.

Trusted Technology, Proven Results

PI Detect is helping organizations across the industry find and redact personal information faster.

Tools That Grow with You

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Greater efficiency

Re-run models at any point in your project to incorporate feedback from reviewers and refine the algorithm. Apply the learnings across matters to make your review even more efficient.

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Always secure

Find and redact your most sensitive data without ever leaving the safety and security of RelativityOne.

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Meet the needs of any matter

Find and redact PI in any data set by using pre-built PI detectors, or creating your own custom detectors.

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Automate redactions

Integrated with Redact, the industry's most comprehensive redactions capabilities, PI Detect makes protecting critical data easier than ever.

Better protect personal information

Leverage the latest AI in RelativityOne to accelerate your review of personal information.

High-performance AI detection models

Improve the accuracy of PI identification with pre-trained AI-based detection.

More efficient review

PI Detect fits right into your existing review workflows, allowing your teams to review personal information faster.

Streamlined redaction workflow

With redactions tightly integrated into RelativityOne, your workflow for finding and redacting PI is more seamless than ever.

Save time and reduce risk on your next project

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Power PI Reviews with AI

Find out how you can go beyond the traditional approaches to finding personal information to better protect sensitive data.

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