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How did they do it?

  • Adopted RelativityOne for its remote collection capabilities
  • Created a custom ticketing system for client collection requests
  • Saved a total of 492.070 BRL and 1,650 hours in the first 20 months

More Data, More Problems

Studies conducted by Gartner show that the volume of information generated by companies by the end of 2020 reached the 40 trillion gigabyte mark. Additionally, COVID-19 and the shift to remote and hybrid work has forced more companies to rely on cloud services and communicate via new channels.

For legal teams, these changes have created new complications – especially when it comes to investigating corporate complaints, personal misbehavior, or information security incidents. For example, investigations today often require:

  • Greater effort on behalf of the internal investigation/compliance team to investigate several cases simultaneously
  • Involvement of several areas of the company to generate the information necessary for the investigation (IT, information security, managers of impacted areas, etc.)
  • High cost when having to involve a third-party service provider
  • High level of difficulty to centralize all the relevant information in one place and develop an assessment in an integrated way
  • More time to collect, prepare, analyze, and answer the case
  • Robust infrastructure and specialized technology to analyze the information related to the case

These challenges all weighed heavily on Alvarez & Marsal Brazil (A&M Brazil) when they were looking to build their Forensic Technology and eDiscovery department. There was one area in particular that could help streamline their investigatory processes: they needed to reduce the time, cost, and resources required to perform collections for their clients.

Fast, Secure, and Remote: Collect in RelativityOne

A&M wanted a solution that was secure, robust, and would meet their need to collect customer information remotely, without the indirect costs of on-site collections (such as travel expenses, staff, hard disks, etc.).

Looking at all these aspects, A&M Brazil decided to bring RelativityOne to their team. With Collect in RelativityOne, A&M would be able to securely, defensibly, and remotely collect data from the most widely used enterprise sources – eliminating the need for the expensive and time-consuming in-person collections.

Next, A&M Brazil wanted to streamline their intake process to further simplify collections for their staff. Using Microsoft SharePoint, they developed their own ticketing system to give clients an easy way to request collections, while also allowing A&M to quickly learn the needs and the complexity of the case and preserve records of the collection request.

Immediate and Impressive Results

Since adopting RelativityOne and creating their own ticketing system, A&M Brazil has eliminated travel costs and the cost of external disks and has also greatly reduced their data hosting costs. Over the first 20 months of the project, they estimate a total savings of 492.070 BRL (approximately $104,790):

  • 72.370 BRL in travel costs
  • 255.200 BRL for hard drives
  • 164.500 BRL for data hosting

The money saved is only the beginning. The team has also saved an estimated 1,650 hours in the first 20 months of using RelativityOne and their custom ticket system – including 133 hours that would have been spent in meetings with the client to understand the parameters of the case.

Perhaps most impressively, A&M has been able to reduce the burden on their clients’ internal teams. With RelativityOne, their clients’ security and IT teams no longer need to extract sources and download data for collections. RelativityOne automates that process – saving their clients approximately six hours for every gigabyte of data collected.

"Our customers are very satisfied with the development and savings of the project so far. The A&M team is continuously looking for innovation and new features within RelativityOne to ensure our customers always have the best on the market.”
Marcus Ganut, Managing Director at A&M Brazil

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