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  • Relativity helped litigation boutique Addario Law Group LLP (ALG) find the right partner to support the firm’s journey to RelativityOne
  • PLUSnxt, the firm’s new partner, set up ALG in RelativityOne within days
  • PLUSnxt provided the training and support the firm needed to be successful
  • ALG quickly tackled a complex case and saved money with RelativityOne and PLUSnxt

A Commitment to e-Discovery Innovation

Addario Law Group LLP (ALG), a prestigious, white-collar defense litigation boutique based in Canada, had taken on a data-heavy case and needed a more powerful e-discovery solution. The team had always wanted to use RelativityOne — a solution they knew could be a game-changer for their needs — but were unsure if it would be accessible to a firm of their size.

ALG has always been committed to finding innovative ways to help their clients but considered themselves novices within the e-discovery space. The team knew they would need support and, given their passion for innovation and serving their clients, the group wanted to make sure they had access to the best technology available. Plus, being based in Canada, the firm needed a global solution, like RelativityOne.

Hands-On Support for a Boutique Firm

Unsure where to start, but hoping to use RelativityOne, ALG decided to reach out to Relativity directly. “We were looking to manage a significant volume of disclosure. We had heard from other firms of similar size and expertise that RelativityOne was the best option,” said Laura Metcalfe, a lawyer at ALG.

The team was directed to Mike Persak, one of Relativity’s account executives. Mike’s sole focus is to help litigation boutiques and smaller law firms find an easy, frictionless way to use the solution — whether that be working directly with Relativity or by connecting the customer with the right partner for their specific size and needs. “From beginning to end, Relativity was proactive in ensuring all our needs were met. They responded to every question we had within an hour. We were very impressed with their responsiveness,” said Laura.

ALG was looking for additional support managing the tool, developing workflows, streamlining document review, and learning all that RelativityOne had to offer. After listening to their story, Mike guided Addario to a partner, PLUSnxt, and the assigned SVP Richard Bottonari, who could help the firm get started quickly with RelativityOne and offer the hands-on support they were looking for.

Enter PLUSnxt, a Partner Focused on Personalization

As soon as ALG met with the PLUSnxt team, they knew they’d found the right solution. PLUSnxt focuses on personalizing the e-discovery experience for their clients. By prioritizing adaptability and flexibility, PLUSnxt provides customized solutions around their clients’ specific needs, regardless of size or complexity.

Given PLUSnxt’s consultative, personalized approach, the group encouraged ALG to try RelativityOne on a one-case, transactional basis to start. This would give ALG access to the solution, plus the ability to scale projects with no data minimums and to receive full support from PLUSnxt. ALG decided to give PLUSnxt and RelativityOne a try.

A Quick, Seamless Start

In just a few short days, ALG was up and running and working on their first case in RelativityOne. Immediately, it became clear that the data provided by opposing counsel was unprocessed and needed to be cleaned up. There was also significantly more content than the firm had expected to receive, increasing the data size. And because the data contained many images, the firm knew they would need to reduce that data size for the case to be manageable.

Unsure of the best way to proceed, ALG was able to use the flexibility of RelativityOne and PLUSnxt’s expertise to tackle the challenges at hand. PLUSnxt significantly decreased the data size by identifying data that could be removed from RelativityOne. Not only did the reduction in data help make the case more manageable, but it also significantly lowered costs and created substantial time savings for the firm’s attorneys.

In addition, RelativityOne’s powerful capabilities helped Addario optimize their e-discovery practice and showed that even small firms could gain great benefits from the tool. “This first matter proved that RelativityOne is a viable solution for all firms, no matter the size,” said Gary Bendel, COO & President of PLUSnxt. “The guidance from the PLUSnxt team allowed Addario to get up and running quickly and benefit from the robust features within RelativityOne.”

Doubling Down with RelativityOne and PLUSnxt

Satisfied with their first case, ALG added a second matter to RelativityOne right away. The new matter involved a considerable amount of forensic work and data that needed to be normalized, including multiple collections and significant short message data. PLUSnxt also helped ALG decrease data for the second project, making the matter much more manageable and organized.

Advanced Capabilities Empowered by PLUSnxt Support

In both matters, PLUSnxt helped ALG take advantage of RelativityOne capabilities like Case Dynamics for case management and Relativity’s short message format (RSMF). They also used Analytics and document review capabilities like deduplication, email threading, concept search, find similar, and more. The robust feature sets in RelativityOne helped Addario review a large amount of data with only a few attorneys, allowing the team to focus efforts on more critical parts of the case.

“Using RelativityOne, supported by PLUSnxt, helped immeasurably in expediting and managing our review. To our clients’ benefit, we saved considerable time reviewing data,” said Laura.

“Using RelativityOne, supported by PLUSnxt, helped immeasurably in expediting and managing our review. To our clients’ benefit, we saved considerable time reviewing data.”

Partnering on the Path to e-Discovery Success

“At PLUS, we are committed to using RelativityOne to ensure our clients receive the most productive and efficient outcomes, and we tailor unique solutions to alleviate their day-to-day issues,” said Tony Ramsey, CEO of PLUSnxt.

With RelativityOne’s advanced technology supported by the proactive service of partners like PLUSnxt, firms of all sizes are seeing vast improvements in their e-discovery operations — saving time and money and enabling teams to focus their efforts on the most important parts of their cases. In the case of ALG, the firm was successful in realizing the benefits of RelativityOne with the dedicated support of PLUSnxt, showing that firms of all sizes can find immense value in the solution and discover the truth in the matters quickly and efficiently.

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