Our Security Team

Cybersecurity, product security, and compliance and risk specialists converge to deliver Relativity’s fully integrated security program. They’re called Calder7, and their mission is simple: anticipate threats and mitigate risks to stay ahead of the adversaries.

Calder7 Security team


Calder7 proactively investigates trends and events occurring within the global threat landscape to contextualize and understand emerging attacks targeting our organization and sensitive customer data. By leveraging threat intelligence, cloud security, and software engineering, we can anticipate and interrupt adversary techniques within the product and company before they surface.


Our cyber analysts rapidly assess behaviors to predict malicious events and route details to RelativityOne security engineers and forensic investigators, neutralizing ongoing attacks and hardening our software. Product security engineers proactively neutralize the attack and shut down vulnerabilities in the software stopping bad actors in their tracks.


Disrupting developing threats is only the beginning. We believe security culminates by understanding the root cause of real-world attacks, dissecting attacker motives, and ensuring enforcement of industry-leading compliance directives in both our product and processes. Our goal is to make Relativity and RelativityOne safer every single day.

"Having a team that maintains the highest level of security is a key reason we moved to RelativityOne. Everything else was gravy."
VP of Forensic Services, Charles River Associates

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Affiliations & Partnerships

Palo Alto Networks Logo

Palo Alto Networks helps organizations worldwide safeguard against breaches and embark on new technology initiatives. We work with them to detect and prevent advanced cyberattacks.

Recorded Future logo

We collaborate with Recorded Future to create a data-centric, intelligence-driven cybersecurity strategy. Recorded Future's vast collection and advanced analytics help us stay ahead of complex and ever-evolving threats.

Signal Sciences logo

Signal Sciences is a web application firewall that provides Relativity with intelligence and visibility into potential attacks from around the wall. Using insight from Signal Sciences next-gen web application, we can respond quickly and stop attacks from happening.

Anomali Logo

Anomali is a threat intelligence platform that provides us with the intelligence needed to detect, understand, and respond to threats.

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