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Relativity partners offer a variety of tools and services in a broad range of industries. Find the one that best meets your needs.

Services Partners

Maximize Your RelativityOne Subscription

Services Partners can help you accelerate and maximize the value you get from your RelativityOne subscription.

  • Increase efficiency with customized end-user playbooks and templates
  • Decrease spend with data migration and software consolidation
  • Minimize risk with consultation on analytics adoption and cross-matter process design
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Industry and Solution Competencies

Partners who have earned service Competencies have demonstrated proficiency and proven customer success in one or more industry or solution. Competency marks provide assurance of a partner’s strength in the specializations that matter most to you.

Cloud Solution Partners

Get Software & Service, All in One

RelativityOne Certified Partners give you access to RelativityOne, alongside a variety of e-discovery services.

  • Get flexible access to RelativityOne and proprietary integrations
  • Benefit from unified project management and managed document review
  • Take advantage of turn-key technical operations and end-user support
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RelativityOne Silver Partners have met additional criteria for experience:

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Staff training and certifications
  • At least one custom application available in the Relativity App Hub
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RelativityOne Gold Partners have met Relativity's highest standards of expertise:

  • Extensive experience with RelativityOne
  • Dedication to staff certifications
  • Expansive portfolios of services and applications
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Server Hosting Partners

e-Discovery, Delivered On-Prem

Relativity Certified Partners integrate their local knowledge and industry expertise with Relativity Server, the on-premises platform to meet your e-discovery needs. These partners provide a range of e-discovery solutions, including data hosting.

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Developer Partners

Create Custom Apps to Meet Your Needs

Developer Partners focus on building applications and integrations for Relativity and RelativityOne. You can find their custom apps in the App Hub, or work directly with a developer partner to create your own.

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Find the partner that best meets your needs.