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How did they do it?

  • Performed eight invalidity searches in 48 hours
  • Analyzed 240 claims using Relativity Patents' powerful machine learning and review workflow
  • The fast search turnaround gave them a full week to focus on legal analysis and strategy

Two Weeks and Millions of Dollars at Risk

Ulmer & Berne was working with a Fortune 500 client to assess the patent infringement risk of moving forward with a product they had created. In order to accurately assess all the risks involved, Ulmer's patents team had to complete eight invalidity searches to see all the existing patents that related to their client’s product.

Their client had a seven-figure deal at risk with this product and just two weeks to gather the results. That meant that Ulmer's patent team had to sift through the entire universe of patents, analyze their results, and provide a recommendation to their client within a tight window.

Eight Searches in Two Days

Seth Voit, a partner in Ulmer’s patent practice, decided to leverage Relativity Patents to help complete the searches alongside a traditional patent search firm, as is not uncommon with large patent projects. Relativity Patents was able to turn around accurate, robust results in just 48 hours, giving Seth an extra week to do his legal analysis and strategize with his client. Using Relativity Patents to get results faster (traditional search firms take one to two weeks to deliver results), Seth spent less time waiting and gained an extra week to review the results and draft his responses.   

Seth reported that the traditional search firm and Relativity Patents came back with largely the same results. However, Relativity Patents was able to turn around the searches five days faster and for more than $10,000 less than the search firm.

Ulmer & Berne - Relativity Patents

Relativity Patents allowed Ulmer to deliver valuable, detailed results to their client quickly, which gives Seth another tool in his tech toolbox to deliver the absolute best service to his clients.  By investing in powerful technology, Ulmer is able to outpace competitors of all sizes, win more business, and provide the best possible client experience.

"I’m ecstatic. Relativity Patents allowed us to achieve the results we needed in a lightning-fast time frame. The cost savings for our client are significant. But even more important, without Relativity Patents, this project would have been far more challenging.”
SETH VOIT, Patent Partner

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